It's published and available. It's an amazing book about an amazing woman and her amazing quilts and her amazing life. Did I remember to tell you how "amazing" this is. Well, take my word for it or get your own copy while you can. Right now, I can only give you the link to Carolyn's website to watch for the public sale of the book. I hope that the Arizona Museums in your areas will carry it.
Carolyn has spent 18 years researching, interviewing, tracking quilts and relatives, writing and editing this book. Those 18 years were certainly worth the wait. The best of luck came her way just a few months ago when she was able to find one of Goldie's last quilts to add to the book.

With the help of several generous donations from members of AZQSG, the Arizona Historical Society - Tucson was able to add this stunning quilt to the Museum's textile collection where all of Arizona and her visitors can see this beautiful quilt, as well as two more of Goldie Richmond's quilts.

During Carolyn's presentation of the book Saturday, anyone listening to Carolyn talk about Goldie knew immediately of Carolyn's love and respect for her subject. As we heard about Goldie as an early 20th century pioneer on the Arizona desert, Carolyn conveyed Goldie's strength of character and strong survival skills, leaving the listener with a new heroine and a respect for Goldie's legacy.

Another note of interest is that with the publishing of this book, several members of Goldie's extended family were able to attend the presentation yesterday, some meeting each other for the first time. I'm sure Goldie was smiling!

Here are a few detail photos of the Baltimore Album quilt.

More to come. Stay tuned and watch for your chance to own your own copy of Carolyn's new book.